Mar 29, 2016

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The project was initiated when Rumah Yatim Arrohman seek advice from Urbane regarding their dormitory development plans in Jalan Lodaya, especially the number of floors, programs compatibility and the suitability of site locations. Urbane sees this opportunity as a CSR project, therefore, when Rumah Yatim asked Urbane to provide the design, Urbane decided to help the architectural design of the dormitory through Urbane Community.
The dormitory was built as a dormitory for orphans who excel in their school, ranging from elementary to junior high school level. The election and substitution of students in the dormitory are determined by their achievement in school and it is governed solely by Rumah Yatim.

Most dormitories or orphanages usually were not specifically designed. In this project, Urbane Community team had the opportunity to design based on the needs. Space requirements requested by Rumah Yatim were a dorm with 4
beds per room, play area /sports, and classes for learning, such as language laboratories and others. Therefore,the design concept is redefining the dorm.

The design challenged were the west orientation of the building facade and the limited funds. Both are important
factors in making design decisions. At the time of construction, the limited funds are the vital reference in reviewing and re-electing some finishing materials. In the end, only 80% of the initial design concept can be realized, without reducing the quality of the design.


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