Revitalizing Space


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This programme which is also our first project starts when RT 004 Babakan Asih community and Reggy Kayong Munggaran – a community lawyer- submitted road improvement proposal to Urbane. The Rt004 Babakan Asih is located at RT 004/RW 001 Kelurahan Babakan Asih, Kecamatan Bojongloa Kaler, at south-eastern part of Bandung close to main traditional market Astana Anyar.
This neighborhood was formerly infamous as community with high numbers of recidivist and gangster leader. However, after years of assistance and advocacy by Reggy K. Munggaran and Ahmad Ruyani (RT 004 leader), this neighborhood turns into a cohesive community with solidarity and openness to different groups.
The are is located on the lowest topography with passing through river; flood is their routine visitor, particularly during raining season. After a heavy rain, the neighborhood is flooded that lasted up to three days. Lacks of open spaces leave no room for rainwater infiltration.
As consequence, they have to live with three days flooded neighborhood after a heavy rain. In addition, there is also no playground space left for children. This is definitely not a healthy environment for children to grow up. Furthermore, in this area, most vacant lands are under one ownership, and easily sold-out due to their strategic position. Thus, an open public space is impossible to create which lead to zero possibility for an open public space without purchasing a land.
To enhance the lack of public space in Babakan Asih environment, Urbane tries to transform small plots of land into a public open space. By doing so, hopefully, Urbane can increase the percentage of public open spaces by 30%. This principle is embodied by the One Village One Playground program which aims to creates playground for children in high density neighborhood.
The upgrading programs in RT 004 Babakan Asih are :

  1. Urban Farming
  2. Recycling waste and garbage bank
  3. Water drainage system using infiltration well
  4. Revitalization by creating mural

All photographs are courtesy of Urbane Indonesia
Photographer : Jerry Adiguna, Dicky Tanumihardja