Nominated for Mosque Architecture Abdullatif Al Fozan Award: West Sumatera Grand Mosque, Al Irsyad Mosque and Al Safar Mosque Km 88

Feb 13, 2019

West Sumatra Grand Mosque, Al Irsyad KBP Mosque and Al Safar Mosque has passed the selection by the international juries for the nomination of the Abdullatif Al Fozan Award, a non-profit organization based in Saudi Arabia.

The three mosques are among 27 mosques from several countries with the following categories:
Central Mosques (9 mosques)
Jumaa Mosques (8 mosques)
Local Mosques (8 mosques)
Community Mosques (3 community projects)

The mosques are in:

Asia: 18 mosques and 1 community project
Africa: 3 mosques and 2 community projects
Europe: 3 mosques

The following are the mosques included in the Abdullatif Al Fozan Award nomination:

AFAMA Third Cycle Short Listed Mosques

Project team for each mosque are :

Masjid Raya Sumatera Barat
Competition Entry
Principal Architect : Rizal Muslimin
Design team: M. Yuliansyah Akbar, Mulyana Diwangsa
Detail Engineering Design
Consultant: Penta Architecture
Design Advisor :Rizal Muslimin
Structure Engineer : Sonny Nasrullah
Masjid Al-Irsyad KBP
Principal Architect : M. Ridwan Kamil
Project Director:  Reza A Nurtjahja
Design Team: Ade Yudirianto, Fahry Aditya, Asep Budiman
Structure Engineer : Sonny Nasrullah (Struktur)
Masjid Al Safar Km 88
Principal Architect : M. Ridwan Kamil
Principal in Charge : Reza A. Nurtjahja
Senior Project Architect  : Ade Yudirianto
Urban Design Team : Ismail Reza, Adhitya D. Kurniadilaga
Structure Engineer: Philip Danny Tjandra
MEP Engineer: Firman Hanafi

more info :

The First International Master Jury Meeting Closed Its last Session by Announcing The Short List


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