Revitalizing Space


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The design focus on repairing, and avoid excessive intervention considering the program is located in traditional
village.  However, due to the limited funds, the team conducted a workshop with the community to assess and pick which buildings are a priority for renovations. Urbane Community team maximize the use of local materials, such as bamboo and stone. Finally, two buildings were chosen to be renovated; the visitor center and Kolam Adat Mandala. The rest of the funds were allocated to landscape’s improvement in the village. The focus of landscape’s development is a clearer circulation paths using local materials, such as natural stone and cement so that the stones are not scattered. While the Visitor Center, acted as the living room of this Bayan village, were renovated and restored to its original form.

Urbane designed the Kolam Adat Mandala, and its supporting facilities such as shower room and guardhouse. Kolam Adat Mandala is a pool, located in the middle of Mandala indigenous forests. It has been used for swimming competition between the villagers. Because of the needs, the design was changed from a health-resort type pool into a swimming pool. The original idea was to incorporate the pool with nature. But considering the pool is located in an indigenous forest with many snakes, the color of the pool walls is a bright blue for safety.  In addition, people coming from the woods will directly recognize the pool area with the bright blue color. Furthermore, there is a clear spring that continue to flow in the pool. It is dangerous from the structure and construction point of view. Therefore, Urbane Community make a strong wall structure design, as strong as a small dam. So the concept of the pool is a spring dam. The shower room and toilet design is simple. It is a rectangular building consists of 4 chamber, that are connected by a walkway. The building maximize the use of local materials such as bamboo and stone.

Photographer : Leonard Kawun